Find Current Event Articles Using Steely Resources

Finding information about a current event is relatively easy, because news agencies publish recent articles online. In addition, Steely Library provides many research resources to help you explore current issues. These library resources may provide more in-depth information on an issue than an article from the local paper. This tutorial will discuss how to find a current event topic and how to use library resources to find information related to your chosen issue.  It will highlight three online resources:

  • Facts on File: Issues and Controversies
  • Access World News
  • Gale Opposing Viewpoints

Getting Started

A good place to start is the daily newspaper. Go to and read the headlines. What did you see? Are there any headlines that interest you? If you don't see anything of interest, try a larger paper, such as The New York Times. When you find something interesting, try and focus on the issue, not the event. For example, you may find an article about an upcoming election in Connecticut. Unless you're from Connecticut, you may not be interested in the "who", "when", and "where" of the election, but you might be interested in some of the issues surrounding the election.

Library Resources

A news article will provide some good information about an event, but it probably won't provide a lot of in-depth/background information on an issue. Steely Library provides access to a number of resources aimed at providing detailed information on current topics and issues.  

The resources presented here can all be accessed from the library's homepage.  Click on the databases tab and use the alphabetical list to connect to the resource. 

Steely homepage - click on databases tab to select database from alphabetical list

Facts on File: Issues and Controversies

This online database is available on and off-campusFacts on File: Issues and Controversies provides in-depth reports on hundreds of current issues. When you connect, you'll notice the resource looks similar to a news site, with headlines and a featured article on the front page. This resource can be helpful if you do not have a topic, because you can browse through topics to find one that interests you. For example, in the bottom left corner, you'll notice a box labeled, Issues: Pro and Con. You can select one of the topics listed or click on the link for "MORE" to view hundreds of topics, listed alphabetically. Each topic provides a link for a full report on the issue.

Facts on File:  Issues and Controversies web page

If you already have a topic, you'll want to use the search box on the left of the front page. This is where you can use keywords and type in your topic. For example, you might type in: oil spill.  This will pull up a handful of articles. On the results screen, tabs across the top will direct you to not only articles, but also online encyclopedia entries and statistical information on your topic. Some of the articles will be in-depth articles, such as the first article, Deepwater Oil Drilling. This article provides background/historical information on the topic, different points of view on the issue, bibliographies, and discussion questions related to the issue. Plus, the article will provide links to related articles.

Facts on File:  Search Results for Oil Spill

Access World News

This online database is available on and off-campus and provides access to full-text news articles and broadcast transcripts from local, national, and world news agencies. This resource has a unique feature in the top left corner – the "Current Events" section. This section can help the user choose a "hot topic" or browse through News Headlines. The Special Reports section gives users in-depth coverage of various current issues. To search for articles on a specific topic, select a resource (i.e., The Cincinnati Post) or a geographic area (i.e., United States) to find articles related to your topic. 

NewsBank home page

Gale Opposing Viewpoints  

The Opposing Viewpoints series is a set of books covering a wide range of hot topics and debatable issues.  Books in the series are available for check out at Steely Library and provide a lot of in-depth information on one topic.  Gale Opposing Viewpoints is a database providing online access to information about the topics.  Using the online resource, you will be able to connect to online articles offering a variety of viewpoints on various subjects.  Use the "Browse" feature to explore many topics.

searching gale opposing viewpoints

The resources mentioned above should get you started when looking for current event information. However, there are many other resources available in Steely Library that might be useful for a current event assignment. Check out the Current Events and Issues Research Guide for other suggested resources.

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