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Whenever you are using the MLA database and see a green online message in the Chat window on the right of your search, you can conveniently seek assistance from Steely Library.

Detail of Steely chat window in MLA database

If you have further questions about how this database works, you might also want to click on the Help Link (in upper right hand corner).

Detail of MLA top menu, including Help link
Other Steely Library Help Options

On the library home page,, located on the bottom left. . .

Ask Steely Library button

Click the ASK Steely Library button to go to this page. . .

Ask Steely Library web page

While the library is open you can ask for help in so many ways!

Choose a method of help: from chat, to text, to working in the library with a staff member!

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457