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Detail of search results screen

While searching in MLA, you may want to routinely save your citations into a folder to view, print, export to RefWorks, or e-mail later. Once you have citations in a folder, an icon stating "Folder has items" will appear.


To add citations into a folder, click on the Add icons below the citations. In the example to the left, record 2 has been added to the folder.

To view citations you have added to the folder, go to the Folder has items box on the right and click on the Folder View link.

Detail of folder has items box

Detail of folder contents

To the left is a detail of the contents of a folder. From here, you have options to print, e-mail, export, or save your citations (see arrow at right).


Important: Citations placed in the folder will be deleted once you exit MLA, unless you are logged into your own EBSCOhost account. It is recommended that you sign up for a free EBSCOhost account, if you are going to frequently use MLA or other EBSCO databases.

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