Copyright Tutorial

Find out how copyright affects teaching and learning in today's digital environment. This two-part tutorial introduces instructors to copyright for the classroom. Topics for this presentation include using copyrighted materials in the digital classroom and in online teaching forums, assessing the risks, requesting copyright permissions, protecting your own copyrights, and copyright-related library services. Quizzes are included for engagement and reinforcement so that the participant better understands the fundamentals of copyright. It is highly advised to view both presentations in sequential order.

Copyright for the Classroom and the Digital World: Part 1 (35:00 minutes)

This covers the copyright basics including copyright owner rights for your scholarly works and how to apply Fair Use to your teaching needs.

Copyright for the Classroom and the Digital World: Part 2 (45:00 minutes)

Reviews copyright in the digital classroom environment. It provides reality check scenarios to assist in your class instruction.

If you have any questions about copyright for your instruction or library eReserves, feel free to contact Lois Schultz at 572-5275. As the Head of Knowledge Management, Lois would be pleased to meet with you personally to discuss how the library can serve your eReserve and SourceFinder needs. In addition, we can assist you with your Copyright Compliance questions.

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Head of Knowledge Management Services
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