Respiratory Care: Information Literacy

Learning Outcomes

In addition to outcomes addressed in general education courses, Respiratory Care students should be able to:

  1. Explain evidence-based research and the role it plays in respiratory care
  2. Identify at least two quality resources for locating research in the respiratory care field
  3. Use appropriate RSP terminology to locate information for research
  4. Explain the role of the thesis statement in RSP writing
  5. Logically structure sources in writing using a three-step method
  6. Define plagiarism and explain when it is necessary to cite sources



RSP 201 Students: Start Here!

RSP courses integrating information literacy

  • HSC 291W: Writing in the Health Sciences: To address information literacy concepts in this course, instructors should consider incorporating the information literacy series for students in 291W courses. This online set of tutorials may also be combined with an information literacy session with a librarian.
  • RSP 201: Fundamentals of Respiratory Care: To address information literacy concepts in this course, librarians designed a set of tutorials on this page to address evidence-based research and using quality sources for research.  Instructors should consider using these in class or assigning them out of class.

Evidence-Based Practice 

This video introduces the concept of evidence-based practice and explores the type of research used to direct clinical practice. (3:47)

Finding Quality Sources for Respiratory Care

Discover online resources available at Steely Library appropriate for students researching in the respiratory care field. (3:38)

Using Sources in Writing

Explore the role of the thesis statement in academic writing and learn a three-step process for presenting ideas from outside sources in your paper. (3:30)

Avoiding Plagiarism

This video from Bainbridge State College will define plagiarism and provide instruction for how to avoid plagiarism and when to cite sources. (2:51)

More information on how to cite sources is available through the OWL at Purdue


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