Information Literacy for PACE Students

The series presented here introduces the beginning PACE student to research concepts that will develop students’ abilities to more effectively find, evaluate, and use information.


Scholarly Sources

This tutorial will examine the differences between popular and scholarly sources. At the end of the tutorial, students should be able to describe characteristics of a scholarly journal article and explain the peer review process.

What are Databases?
This video briefly explains the types of materials found in a database.  After watching the tutorial, students should be able to explain the difference between searching the Internet and searching a database for information.

Advanced Searching in a Database
This video provides some tips and techniques applicable for searching in many databases. Students will be able to apply these concepts to their own research.

Research in Your Discipline
This tutorial will help students navigate the library website to find information relevant to their major or research topic.

Evaluating Information
Evaluation is a key component of information literacy. This tutorial will discuss evaluating electronic and print sources. Students will be able to share evaluation techniques for academic sources.

From Rutgers University, this set of video tutorials exposes students to the definition of plagiarism. Students will have a better understanding of the role citations play in research papers.


Finished?  Take the assessment now!  If you need to show proof of completion, take a screen shot of the completion screen at the end or print out a copy.

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