Engineering Technology Information Literacy Series

The videos below are designed for students in EGT 116.  AFter viewing the videos, EGT 116 students will be able to

  1. Identify appropriate types of sources to use in college research using evaluation criteria
  2. Identify at least two resources from Steely Library appropriate for engineering technology research
  3. Use relevant terminology to narrow search results in a research database and retrieve one article

EGT Students: Start Here!

This video highlights a few misconceptions of the library and introduces the series (3:15).  After viewing this video, sign up for a SourceFinder (interlibrary loan) account. 

Selecting Sources for EGT Research

This video discusses the variety of information sources available and introduces the FRANK criteria as a method to evaluate the quality of information (4:09).

Research Resources for EGT Students

This tutorial highlights three research resources useful for assignments in EGT 116 and beyond (2:37).

Relevant Terminology for searching EGT resources

This tutorial will explain the importance of using appropriate keywords and discuss how keywords can broaden/narrow topics.  The library’s Discovery tool is used as an example (3:17).

Finished?  Take the assessment now.  After successfully completing the assessment, a confirmation screen is available to print as proof of completion. 

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457