ENG 291: Information Literacy Series

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this video series, you should be able to:

  1. Conduct background research and brainstorm to focus a topic, develop keywords, and generate an appropriate research question
  2. Evaluate sources by considering authority, type of publication, creation process, purpose, and point of view 
  3. Define terms connected to the scholarly research and communication process
  4. Identify reasons an initial database search may not be successful and revise appropriately
After viewing the videos, please respond to a 3-question assessment so that we may make improvements for future 291 students.

Video: Scholarly Resources

This video explains the purpose of scholarly resources.  The concept of “peer-reviewed” is defined and described in the context of academic research.

Video: Advanced Searching in a Database

This video will show you some tips and tricks to make your database searches more effective.

Video: Scholarship is a Conversation

This video, created by Anna Eisen, will help to explain the concept of scholarship as a conversation and your role as a participant.

Video: Developing a Research Question

This video will help you to understand why research needs to be guided by a focused research question and to identify the characteristics of good research questions. 

Video: Evaluating Information Sources

This video provides some guidelines to use when selecting information sources. It explains the need to consider factors such as authority, type and purpose, and context.

Finished?  Please respond to this 3-question assessment.

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