2012-04-13 Meeting Minutes

ULAC Meeting
Steely Library – Room 510
2:00 - 4:00

Present: Arne Almquist, Threasa Wesley, Vicki Berling, Karen Leek, Sam Goh

Not Present: Katherine Kurk, KC Russell, Greg Martin, Jaesook Gilbert, Carol Furnish, Charles Edwards

Welcome – Arne Almquist
  • Extended hours – the week before and finals week we will remain open until 2:00 am. The SGA brings forth a proposal every year for a 24/7 operation. A Northerner reporter will be talking with me in a week or so re: same. Our Marketing group has created a survey to determine more specifics of what services students want/need so that we can determine the most efficient way of providing that access. The loggia renovations, if they include a restroom, could provide a potential solution, if students really want access to use computers or have a quiet place to study.
  • Disorder in the Library – we have met with the Dean of Students, fraternities and sororities and things have been much calmer this semester. We have reclaimed another group study room (bringing us to 3) and all have experienced heavy usage. We hope, over time, to reclaim the 2nd floor rooms. We have also taken a more aggressive approach to better policing the building.
  • RFID – we have almost finished the implementation of RFID throughout the building. We continue to tag items. We also have new security gates – the old swing gates are gone. The 3M Intelligent Module has been purchased and self checking is being tested for operability. Due dates are not provided unless asked – in the future, we will have a printer for receipts.
  • The original John Ruthven eagle paintings, donated 8 years ago and on display in Fine Arts, are now back in the Library. One is up and the other two will be displayed in the near future. We have found a creative location to place them for viewing purposes while keeping them safe from handling. They will be displayed on the outside of the glass elevator shaft. This is a very nice observation area – we are still working on lighting and considering furniture to put in the viewing areas.
  • Current art exhibit in EGFRR – the artist, Joseph Thompson, is from Columbus, OH. This is the second exhibit we've had through a partnership with the Kunken Gallery. We provide artwork to enjoy and enhance the library experience and any pieces purchased will provide a percentage of the proceeds to library. There will be other Kunken Gallery exhibits in the future as well as NKU faculty and student displays. Two NKU art faculty serve on the Steely Library Art Committee.
  • Loggia project – will be completed this summer; new furniture and a new restaurant, Einstein's Bagels; the area will be more attractive and comfortable and is now a major project. In addition, we'll receive our digital signage soon.
  • The renovation of the restrooms on the 2nd floor has been completed. The campus-wide policy is moving toward hand dryers vs. paper towels.
  • Serials – we continue to move toward an environment in which virtually 100% of our journals are available online. The list of proposed print cancellations was posted for faculty to let us know what they would like to keep. We had planned to cut back to 40 print titles but, based on faculty feedback, we have retained 89. This still allows us to move current periodicals with the newspapers by the pig sculpture, freeing up space for future services. We will revisit this issue again next year and repost additional titles for possible cancellation based on usage. Once we finish the current round, 98% of our journals subscriptions will be available only online. We continue to maintain a full subscription to the complete JSTOR collection and we are the only institution in Kentucky to do so. We are purchasing the latest collection, Arts & Sciences 10. We believe that we pay less for KYVL than some other institutions because people use the materials in our collection vs. depending on KYVL.
  • Annotations – Spring edition. This issue features David Mack on the cover. In the article, David states that he started writing Kabuki in Steely Library. David has been a great friend of the library and has recently donated two paintings. Other highlights of the magazine include the Bunnning/Lasorda event, a tribute to Sheri Myers, the Dr. Votruba eulogy for Frank Stallings, the BTG WV project (1.2 million federal grant), the first BLI grad and the upcoming Road Rally/Car Show.
  • Road Rally/Car Show - Saturday, April 21st. The Car Show will include a TANK (Greenline) antique bus, a fire truck and dozens of restored and unique vehicles. The Road Rally will be professionally conducted by Scenic Road Rallies, LLC. The event is being hosted by FOSL/WNKU and proceeds will benefit several charities.
  • BTG KY – this grant will officially finish in June but we have received a 1-year extension for scholarships. We have also negotiated, with a library vendor, a 3-year partial scholarship. We are making a great effort to try to keep our students in the program until the degree has been achieved. Monday, the committee for our West Virginia project will be selecting the 40 candidates for study at either Mountwest Community College in West Virginia or at NKU.
  • The Archives exhibit, honoring Dr. Votruba, will officially open soon. We have purposely found photos that are more “relaxed” and candid vs. "official".
  • IPAC – is on target to start in September 2012. We have been marketing the new center throughout the community (Rotary Trade Fair and other places). The new service addresses the needs of both those on and off campus. Some services are already available. John Schlipp was a patent librarian in the past and in the IPAC, he's going back to his roots.
Threasa Wesley – LRC
  • Kathy Kurk has requested a work area around the Ellison products/equipment which is currently housed on the 3rd floor. We are still awaiting funds to build this area. However, in the meantime, we are making plans to move the die cutters to the 4th floor, closer to materials. We are also weeding in the LRC (VHS tapes especially) and will open some space where microforms are slowly being eliminated. Our Instructional Equipment Request includes a new manual cutter and new dies. We are also investigating electronic cutters. This equipment is mostly used by education and art students, as well as by fraternities/sororities.
Threasa Wesley – Special Focus/Research Services
  • We are reorganizing to group our educational programs under the same division. The group will include the BS in Library Informatics, Continuing Education, and Information Literacy (see accompanying PowerPoint presentation).
  • We are purchasing the EBSCO Discovery system, a major enhancement to the integrated search product that we added this year. The new system will allow Google-like searches of nearly all of our electronic resources and is also highly customizable.
  • Please forward any questions, suggestions, etc. at any time re: Information Literacy.
Arne –
  • As you know, we cancelled our last meeting in February.
  • Budget Process – we did dodge a heavy cut – the administration was counting our book budget as an operating account, but they did decide to hold the majority of that account harmless. This limited our reallocation considerably. However, we are not expecting to receive additional funding this year and with the continuing serials inflation, we will still have a substantial impact. We are working on a new acquisitions model that includes a greater emphasis on SourceFinder as a source of requests for new materials. Traditionally, we have allocated funds to departments and faculty would then request books and other materials for purchase. Unfortunately, many would wait until the last minute and buy materials. Many of these have never circulated. This past year, we created a pool for teaching faculty and another for Steely faculty. The funds could be used at any time during the year. We did make some restrictions to ensure that all had access to the pools. Of course, faculty also have access to SourceFinder. What we are finding is that faculty appear to be making requests that are related to actual research and teaching needs rather than selecting books that might be of interest later. Books selected in this way are seeing a much better rate of circulation

This fall, allocations will definitely be lower—probably much lower--due to the budgetary limitations. To meet the situation, more funds will be pooled, supplementing the decreased allocations. Over time, even as budgets begin to increase, we believe that the new funding model will result in a collection that is more relevant and sees higher usage.

We will need to see increases to the materials budget within the next year or two due to continuing high serials inflation. While we have done much to improve the efficiency of our serials collection development process, serials expenditures will increasingly crowd out book/media purchases. We do plan to apply some of the successful techniques used in our serials collection development efforts to the book side of the collection. For example, moving more purchases to electronic format and purchasing more ebooks in collections. This has enabled us to greatly increase the number of journal titles available at fairly low cost. We think that this will help us to build a broader book collection over time, as well.

Q&A -
  • Karen asked about access to the AMA Doc Style – there is a link on the SL website that takes you to a dead end; she contacted Nancy Campbell and she helped her get to it but it was VERY limited. Can we "beef" this up? Students have started writing this style this semester. APA is out, in her area, and AMA is in. Threasa said these sites will be limited unless we buy the subscription – if the free online site is not a full version, we like to buy hard copy guides for the reference collection. Threasa will check and let her know. The APA tutorial does have the full version link. Arne suggested that, in the future, she try RefWorks which will reformat citations in proper style and processes text. If RefWorks does not have it, we can contact them and they will add. Please see the SL website/RefWorks/Basic Getting Started Guide.
  • Karen asked who to contact for faculty to set up a good, quality research project for students for the summer faculty institute.
Arne Final Thoughts –
  • This committee is very valuable – please continue to share ideas, concerns, etc. via email to AA.
  • This is the first year that we have created and presented a Steely Library Research Award to a student who met the qualifications. Shane Winslow is this year's recipient and will receive a personalized plaque at the Steely Library convocation in August. Another plaque, which will reside in the Library, will house the names of this and future recipients.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Arne took the group on a mini-tour to see the Ruthven eagle, the current art exhibit in the EGFRR, and the Dr. Votruba exhibit in the Archives.

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457