2011-12-09 Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2011

ULAC Meeting
Steely Library – Room 510
2:00 - 4:00

Present: Arne Almquist, Threasa Wesley, Vicki Berling, Kathy Kurk, Karen Leek, Carol Furnish, Chaz Edwards, Jaesook Gilbert, K.C. Russell

Special Guest – John Schlipp

Arne welcomed everyone to the last meeting of 2011 and introductions were made around the table for newest members.

Updates and Announcements – Arne Almquist
  • Extended hours – in cooperation with a request from the SGA, the library will remain open until 2:00 a.m. December 4th thru finals. If usage is good, we will probably incorporate these hours for future finals.
  • Disorder in the stacks – we are having serious problems with fraternity/sorority groups gathering, socializing and causing disturbances. We have talked with the Dean of Students and one fraternity's Sergeant of Arms has contacted me. This behavior needs to cease and desist or individuals will be asked to leave. In extreme cases, DPS will be called.
  • RFID implementation – by the first of the year, all equipment will be in place; self checkout, additional scanning, and manual checkout. New security gates will be installed in January.
  • Restrooms – some are in very bad condition. The 2nd floor restrooms will be demolished during Christmas break and off-line until February. The new design will mirror the facilities in the Student Union. The 2nd floor restrooms are critical due to the numerous special events hosted in the EGFRR. The next request will be the 1st floor. The 4th floor restrooms were not originally designed for public use and will need to be expanded at some point in the future.
  • Loggia – some work has already been started but there is a major project in the planning stages; putting in a new restaurant, new furniture, and (hopefully) a unisex restroom so we can keep this area open 24/7. This will be completed in the summer of 2012 due to the expanded renovation.
  • New art exhibit in the EGFRR – This exhibit is our first partnership with an outside group; Kunken Gallery. Some of the works were done by a 16 year old artist. All are originals and are available for purchase; the Library will receive a small fee.
  • 3 original Ruthven eagle paintings – these were formerly in the Fine Arts building in the theatre lobby. They were purchased and donated by Dennis and Joyce Griffin and we are in the process of having them cleaned and mounted on the side of the elevator shaft so that they can be viewed without touching. One will be hung on the 2nd floor in January and, if successful, the other two will follow. John Ruthven has agreed to re-varnish them after we have them cleaned. We are considering hosting an event to celebrate their return.
  • First Class/Second Class – the FOSL purchased this artwork from Hans Shellhas, a faculty member in Visual Arts. These were created using only First Class and Second Class rubber stamps and are extraordinary. However, the pieces were very controversial and were removed. They are now in storage in the Archives. We are planning to add interpretive materials to display with them in a less open area. We had various complaints where people had misinterpreted the work. I have talked with a representative from the Underground Freedom Center to possibly display them for a period of time before returning to NKU.

Arne presented and discussed a Power Point presentation (see ULAC website) – The last several years we have been evolving our reference services. Info literacy skills instruction has been strongly addressed; the ability to retrieve and evaluate info resources and process/organize. We have trained students, staff to supplement librarians in a triage-style reference service. We have also embedded Librarians via Blackboard to develop better relationships with students. This structure has worked nicely over the years but newly built initiatives such as the BLI and Continuing Ed (which brings revenue to the Library) are calling for changes. Some new services include: Intellectual Property Advisory Center and a Grants Assistance Center for faculty, staff, students and the community.

We will be creating a new division (see organizational chart on ULAC website) – Arne and Threasa Wesley described the new layout and believe this will strengthen our services to students.

Government Documents is changing – we are currently a comprehensive repository (87%) of government documents. More and more documents are electronic. Now, working in partnership with ASERL, we will be the Center of Excellence for the Copyright Office, Folk Life Center (Smithsonian), and in the future, the Patent Office. As a Collection of Excellence library, we will house comprehensive collections of the print materials from these agencies and will work to digitize those materials that are not currently available online. Materials that we remove from our government documents collection will be sent to other COE libraries.

Vicky asked if this will change how space is currently utilized. Arne confirmed that it eventually will. We will need to evaluate for long-term space planning based on these services and LibQual+ responses. All of these proposed changes follow the strategic plan and will be coordinated with the Provost for future renovations.

Kathy Kurk asked about the LRC – will there be a production room on the same floor as materials? Arne noted that we had plans to build this but funding, to date, has not allowed. This will be considered in future planning and we will work with Jenny Smith to coordinate. Once CAS leaves the library, we will reevaluate this space. Sound deadening furnishings were added when the computer lab was added to the 4th floor.

We will be working thru this proposed reorganization over the next several months and make changes as necessary - our hope is to implement by summer 2012. These changes will help make us a 21st century library.

Jaesook asked how the RG&C department fits in with our center? Arne said we will be complementary to them, not duplicating their efforts. John Schlipp stated that Laura Sullivan is more of a grants Librarian, performing more research and training in the use of grant-seeking databases.

Carol Furnish asked for a description of the Copyright Reserve services – John said they help link people to databases, help scan, pay copyright fees, etc. The new IPAC will add to that by providing information on seeking copyrights and patents.

John Schlipp and Threasa Wesley showed a presentation (see ULAC website) that addressed the creator side vs. the consumer side – lots of grey areas. Copyright awareness is the basis. We want to be the "go to" place for the region re: intellectual property information.

Jaesook asked if we have coordinated with NKU's print services area for copyright permissions. We need guidelines and forms to better assist people. John said that we can investigate creating a campus-wide blanket program similar to what P&G uses. Jaesook asked about using videos for instructional applications. John said Teach Act will cover most of the factual works.

Carol Furnish asked how much we spend on e-reserves – per Arne, $3,000-5,000 a year, campus-wide. Fair use.

Arne reported that we have made fantastic progress in journals – increased journal subscriptions 160+ % since 2007 with a flat or decreased budget and have gone from 42% to 90+% online. As a result, faculty and staff reaction is quite good.

There will be a list placed on the ULAC website for 60 days asking for your feedback on the 250 journal subscriptions still in place. We have kept many of these based on old feedback and now a large number of them have low or no usage. Others continue to be heavily used which we will retain. If we cancel all the subscriptions we are proposing, we will save $20,000 which will be reinvested in electronic journals and the repurpose of space. The remaining journals will be mounted on the wall next to newspapers.

Karen Leek – shared copies of the results of a survey from BSN program senior level students 2009 thru spring 2011 which include library issues. She is still looking into whether there were any student comments and will share if found. Threasa took a copy to share with Nancy Campbell and will put on the ULAC website as an exhibit for this meeting.

Lib Qual+ - Arne presented and discussed our 2011 results. In 2006, only 70+ people responded – this year we had 530.

Jaesook asked if the restaurant in the Loggia would be open the same hours (as it is difficult to find food/beverages after certain hours on campus). Chaz said the SGA is looking into this same issue campus-wide. Arne suggested Chaz contact Andy Meeks - it's a domino effect, more usage will lead to more services.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned and Arne took Karen Leek on a library tour.

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457