2011-04-29 Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2011

ULAC Meeting
Steely Library – Room 510

Arne Almquist, Threasa Wesley, Tom Heard, Vicki Berling, Jaesook Gilbert, Teuta Cata, K.C. Russell
Not Present:
Greg Martin, Kathy Kurk, Michael Adkins

Arne Almquist opened the meeting with a welcome to all in attendance.

Updates and Announcements

  • Hours – it was requested from SGA that we open @ 7:30 am for long semesters on an experimental basis – it is being well received and utilized. We are planning a focus group this Fall re: access / needs to determine student needs for after hours services/access. Students have very specific needs after hours; if it's materials, we have much more online; if it's study space, we can look for options to address that issue; if it's services, the answer may lie in technology. We have tested increased hours in the past and found very little usage even with heavy marketing. We're not averse to trying again but want to serve actual needs. I have asked the Provost about possibly making the Loggia a 24/7 space which will require less staffing, etc. SGA will be doing their own survey this fall re: needs.
  • Press – re: alleged suppressing of student employee. To clarify issues where employee comments could be construed as the "voice of the library," we have provided guidelines. We do not discourage people commenting as individuals, but do suggest that employees contact supervisors or the library administration to either get more information or to determine proper level to answer questions on behalf of the library.
  • We now have 92% of our journals online and are moving to make it 100%. A number of journals have seen zero use and we are looking at canceling and adding new electronic titles. The only thing in print will be popular magazines and such.
  • We are beginning our budget request process for things that match up with our strategic initiatives:
    1. Expansion of the BLI program – 1st FT faculty and stipends.
    2. Coverage for serials inflation which we have not received in the last few years. By going electronic, we have increased the amount of information available while resources have decreased, but there is a limit to how far this can be taken before we have to start undoing the progress due to rising prices.
    3. We have asked for a modest materials budget enhancement of $50,000. We have long had a goal to bring the materials budget to $2 million -- we are now at $1.4 million. We have done well with what we have but need to begin adding more resources. We are moving into the electronic realm very aggressively – some materials will begin moving out of the building (i.e. bound journals) and use the space to better serve students.
    4. Funding for replacement security gates on the 3rd floor (the current ones are obsolete – our vendor currently needs to scavenge used parts to keep them running). It's time to switch to the RFID-based system since we now have most of the circulating collection tagged. We anticipate receiving funding for the 3rd floor but will probably need to wait to replace the 1st floor system.
    5. Additional equipment to make RFID more useful (i.e. checkout, only have 1 service point; a command center for security gates that will house data to reference; and our first self-check system).
    6. Funds to reconfigure the 3rd floor for new services to better leverage the value of people to help users on campus:
      • Intellectual Properties Advisory Center – we have a person on staff and it will help campus-wide and the surrounding community with copyright/patent issues.
      • Grants Center - will compliment the services provided by the Research, Grants & Contracts unit – we have a librarian trained to consult in information seeking in this area. RG&C will partner with us on this.
      • Improve the eContent learning space with high tech equipment and add staffing.
      • Institutional Repository - would house information resources created across campus, such as pre and post publication articles, music recordings, graphic files, datasets, and syllabi. These items would be organized by Steely librarians and made available worldwide. We are looking at the outsourced system that serves Western Kentucky University.
    KC said pre and post articles/abstracts were an issue brought up at Faculty Senate. Arne said it will vary journal to journal. For example, Elsevier gives faculty authors the rights to post various versions of an article, based on the conditions stated for each journal.
  • We have just licensed a product called EBSCO host Integrated Search which provides a linked Google-type search of multiple databases, including the NKUIRE online catalog. Per Threasa, this is a very flexible tool and a revolutionary step for us. Federated Search was very slow. This is an entry-level product and if we can get funding, want to move up to next level that is VERY fast and more encompassing.
  • John James Audubon event – featuring John Ruthven and Richard Taylor was VERY successful. Had approximately 90 people and one English class here. Ruthven has his works on display in the Archives now for viewing/purchasing and has agreed to give Steely Library the gallery fee when they sell.
  • Our FOSL inaugural Road Rally is tomorrow.
  • The BLI program enrollment is up to 80 and we continue to receive interest from students. KLA is now accepting our classes for recertification. Courses are of interest to others outside of the BLI program. One of our librarians, John Schlipp, will be teaching a class on intellectual property this summer (should be of interest to faculty as well as our normal BLI constituents).
  • List of New Resources – see handout. We will post this on the ULAC web page and send to liaisons as well. There was discussion re: how to find certain documents in the website and suggested that we place under the faculty/staff heading as a separate item = Lost/Missing Items.
  • Net Library is now a product of EBSCO with tightly integrated access through the EHIS product mentioned above.
  • We are still the only KY university with the complete JSTOR journal back files collection (they are now also in the current journal and e-book business). We have not subscribed to the JSTOR current journals yet but are looking into it.
  • Thru a statewide arrangement, our Wiley journal collection has been expanded tremendously.
  • We have expanded our collection of royalty free music. These can be used for various projects with no worries of copyright issues.
  • The microform area will be decreasing in size/emphasis due to decreasing use.

Threasa announced our newest full Professor is Jenny Smith and that Mary Chesnut attained tenure this year. We have two new librarians – Ellie Jones and Andrea Brooks.

Jaesook commented that she really liked the link to "Add a Librarian" feature in Blackboard.

The next meeting will be in September and the dates for FY 11/12 will be determined and sent out.

There being no additional business, meeting adjourned.

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457