2011-02-25 Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2011

Steely Library – Room 510

Arne Almquist, Tom Heard, Teuta Cata, Greg Martin, Katherine Kurk, Threasa Wesley, Vicki Berling, K.C. Russell, Jaesook Gilbert
Not Present:
Michael Adkins

Arne Almquist opened the meeting with a welcome to all in attendance.

Updates and Announcements

  • We took a slight budget cut last year but remain the only complete subscriber to JSTOR (Arne gave samples of what was included). JSTOR has signed agreements with university presses to make digital books available. They are adding current journals to their collection vs. just archives; we are researching cost.
  • We received our funding for materials in support of the Ed.D. program; $25,000 one-time and $10,000 recurring. Materials purchased with these funds are also available for other disciplines as well. We received 69 reference books free with the purchase of databases.
  • Our new model of collections and journals is more cost effective and give the effect of a much larger collection. This is really helping to alleviate some of the journals' inflation we've experienced in the past. We have asked in the past to fund inflation as a fixed cost and the Provost has asked us to make the request again.
  • Special Collections – we are actively pursuing 14 civil war letters written by an Ohio soldier describing life and experiences on his journeys. The FOSL committed to purchase these letters if the grant funding thru the Scripps Foundation does not come through; they need to create lesson plans using these letters to qualify.
  • BLI – now has 70 students – first grads will be in 2011.
  • BTG is in its 2nd year. There is heavy interest by students. We are talking with corporations to help fund additional years to get everyone thru the program.
  • We are working with West Virginia and will hear in June if our grant application is accepted. We are also working with the state to teach literary skills.
  • We are still pursuing a collection of 18th century books (digital).

Successful events…

  • The W. Frank Steely memorial service and exhibit.
  • Claire Illouz, a French printmakers who does very limited edition handmade books – gave a lecture on The Whiteness – see Archives and 2nd floor exhibits. There are only 25 copies of The Whiteness in the world and we purchased one that is now housed in our Special Collections. Ms. Illouz came from France to lecture on and display the book.
  • We also hosted novelist Connie May Fowler in November of last year.

Upcoming events…

  • Celebration of John James Audubon – April 26th - Richard Taylor and John Ruthven will be featured.
  • Road Rally – April 30th - fundraiser for FOSL; scavenger hunt, not a race, throughout scenic back roads of Campbell County.

Threasa Wesley – New Continuing Ed Program

We began our continuing ed program last fall semester – not a college credit program. These courses are in affiliation with the American Library Association (ALA) and an option for library staff certification. We are now beginning to expand the number of courses. Vicky Berling's area has been very helpful as has Jan Hillard. Online has been very successful. We have students from 15 states, Canada and Iwo Jima. We are investigating ALA's post-MLS certificate program in library administration. This is a major gap in library education and presents us with a great opportunity.

Vicky Berling's area is assisting us with social networking tools (facebook) as well as working on the enrollment process.

Note, no one has withdrawn at this point.

Arne added that there are 2 benefits for the university; 1. Revenue sharing with continuing ed and its generated dollars being reinvested in the library, and 2. If you are working in the field, teaching a course is a great way of refreshing your skills. We currently have Library Faculty and 3 staff members involved. More are showing interest in teaching workshops and/or classes.

Arne Almquist – Old Business

  • The list of withdrawn books is on the ULAC website for review. It shows all missing and removed items from the catalog. Is there more that you want to see on this listing? Currently there are over 1,500 listed by call number. There are no lists provided yet for books removed due to age, damage, etc. Please mention this list to other people to review. The liaisons will be provided the list electronically.
  • We are working on moving the ULAC site so you won't have to drill down as far to get to it.

Embedded Librarians – Threasa Wesley

We offer this through Blackboard. The graph distributed in the October meeting is on the website. Jaesook has done BB and face-to-face with librarians and found students didn't really utilized. Threasa said it varies by course. What makes a difference is how collaborative the teacher is; we're asking for feedback on needs and demands and how to emphasize points of contact with librarians.

The graph was displayed on the screen and asked for Q&A. Can we differentiate by online vs. face-to-face? And grad vs. undergrad? Threasa will reconstruct.

We have a curriculum that addresses research levels and skills as they apply to grad students. We are trying to promote these upper level skills. Overall, our instruction is ¾ in 100 and 200 courses, based on request.

Arne Almquist - New Business

  • First floor entrance artwork – First Class/Second Class – have had interesting reactions to this triptych. The artist statement is being redone and shortened by Hans Schellhas.
  • The Northerner – one of the SGA targeted "wants" addresses extending Library hours. When Arne met with an SGA rep they were requesting ½ hour in the morning but according to the "person on the street", they want 24/7 access. We are open to warranted needs and have extended hours in the past in partnership with the SGA, only to find it was not utilized. Threasa and Lois Schultz's units are working to extend services outside of normal hours which don't require actually opening the building. What specifically do the students need? Arne proposed opening the Loggia 24/7 for assistance, study space and computers (if there were access to a restroom). Greg Martin indicated his previous school experienced the same issues with a similar outcome. He suggested we agree to extended hours but set a target (i.e. if "X" number of people are not utilizing the building, we'll close it). Jaesook recommended checking the online survey to see if they are referring to "critical" times (finals, etc.). Vicki asked if there are industry standards. We have looked at our benchmark institutions and we are competitive. Tom said at Chase they have 24/7 access for students and faculty but they have to count on the card swipe system and at the end of each semester, update access. They have a constant request for greater security. They have security cameras at every entrance and exit (now have 38 and plan to add more). They had to purchase video recording server and, if no one is monitoring the cameras, it's evidence collection ONLY, not security. Need a tie-in to DPS to be effective. Kathy Kurk said if we extend hours we need to make DPS aware so they can update their procedures and increase their rounds. KC reminded everyone that DPS still offers escort services if they're called. Vicky asked about online librarian hours and Threasa said we have them, but not 24/7 – we believe BB Librarian is the best approach for this. We need to better advertise when the "experts" for a particular topic are available. Arne said that in his previous institution, they had the only 24/7 computer lab and at midnight, lines of people were waiting so they set up a study hall in the reference area with cameras. This building would be too hard to segment other than the Loggia manned by one student, and one staff member with other services online.
  • Mobile computing – a number of our products are available on multiple devices – IPOD and Android. Apps are available.
  • Integrated Search – we have been looking for a product to search multiple databases at the same time. New products are very nice – EBSCO uses the same interface we use now; it does a google-type search and ties into additional databases. This gives students/faculty the ability to do simple or advanced searches. The demo is very impressive. We are working on funding – hope to do this year.

Around the Table

KC asked about RFID tagging – it is coming along well. We have switched to tagging on circulation. When the funding becomes available, we will replace the 3rd floor security system. We are looking into self checkout – it's a simple technology once RFID is in place. As is, it's been huge in helping with inventory.

Jaesook – new acquisitions; a confirmation is received so you know that the order was placed but after that, nothing unless there is a problem. How can we check on the progress of an order? Arne said this information is put in process records in the system and you can check the online catalog. He will check with Lois Schultz re: the process. Kathy said the old system used cards, but the new system won't allow this. Can we get updates every 2 months of how much money we have left? Your liaison or chair should have this info. Arne asked if anyone has used the "pool" of funds; supplement to department allocations? Lois Schultz sent an email blast; this supplemental funding works a lot like SourceFinder. We will resend the email. Arne indicated that, long term, we are hoping to move more to electronic packages, similar to what we did with journals. SourceFinder will help extend your funds as well.

There being no further business or discussion, meeting adjourned.

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457