2009-02-27 Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2009

Steely Library – Room 510

Arne Almquist, Lois Schultz, K.C. Russell, Kris Lovett for Vicki Culbreth, Katherine Kurk, Thomas Heard
Not present:
Yasue Kuwahara, Vicki Culbreth, Lane Clarke, Greg Martin

Arne began the meeting with a welcome to all.

Arne Updates:
  • The unveiling of the STEGO sculpture on January 23rd drew approximately 175 people; many well known in the arts and some top donors. Laura Chapman, the donor who also financed the renovation, was thrilled.
  • The reception kicking off the exhibit entitled “Features” of Joe Ruh’s photographs was held on February 5th and drew approximately 80 people. Please stop by to see the exhibit on the 2nd floor in the Eva G. Farris Reading Room – framed and unframed prints are available to purchase with 20% of the proceeds going to Steely Library.
  • SACS – After some issues with a SACS document that was supposed to have been updated (we submitted the update), concerns were addressed and the on-site team seems to think Steely Library passed with flying colors. The Librarian assigned to the team was very impressed. After the presentation he said he talked to several students and they were very complimentary with regards to the library facility as well as the collections. A final written report will be released sometime this summer.
  • We received CPE approval for the on-line Bachelors program. In addition, we have a $1M grant application pending that we are hoping will be accepted sometime in June. This grant will help us to reach and update libraries in the poorest parts of the state where participants are “location bound”. UK is now offering the MLS fully online and Bluegrass Community and Technical College offers an online Associate’s degree. One third of the public libraries in the state (mostly in poor, rural areas) have directors who lack a degree of any kind. Through our new program, we hope to address the problem.
  • State of Library Materials Budget –
    1. PowerPoint of spreadsheets showing comparisons and possible scenarios of potential budget cuts. The Provost has indicated the cuts won’t be as high as originally thought and anticipates receiving the exact numbers by the end of March. If we are held harmless (like we were last year), i.e. flat budget, we can handle it internally; anything more will have a damaging impact, particularly on book purchases.
    2. We did not receive inflation coverage in the budget last year or this. However, the Provost is attempting to get inflation as a fixed cost.
    3. In anticipation of our previously announced $80,000 cut, we retracted any unused fund allocations from the colleges; it is our hope that they may get some of those funds back.
    4. We are looking into using more electronic tools that could potentially allow us to back down the number of actual hours the library is open while increasing the actual number of hours available. Will report more on this as it progresses.
    5. Given that we’ve already completed a large percentage of the switch to electronic vs. hard copy, once we’re at 83% electronic, we realize very little additional savings. We are finished converting, except on a title to title basis, and we will continue to watch for package deals.
    6. We have looked at ECCO, 18th century catalog online – 250,000 books; very expensive; out of copyright ($1 per title); all digital, all online; didn’t have the materials budget for it. Currently talking with a faculty member that may have public domain collection access at some point.
    7. There are currently groups of consortia that are working together on “books on demand” items for print on demand kiosks. Also more people are using electronic books, such as the Kindle. Arne uses Microsoft Reader – can carry an entire collection of books on his tablet PC.
    8. 8. Microform is a dying breed; patrons keep asking for ILL copies because quality of the microform item is so bad.
  • Announced we will make every effort to keep the ULAC group better informed and will give them warning when we will be making announcements of changes to the faculty.

In response to some questions and requests from the last meeting, Lois showed several slides and answered additional questions concerning:

  • The Allocation of Funds by College which also included the student breakdown by college.
  • Examples of Information Brokerage items with analysis of turnaround time.
  • Unspent departmental funds on April 30th for the last three years.
New Items
  • Lois discussed the ability to search for new items added to the collection from the NKUIRE search screen.
  • Reported on a new collection of books written by NKU faculty that is being planned for the third floor near the entrance. Policy is being written now that will determine eligibility. They will pull from collections and/or encourage faculty to provide us a copy of what they’ve written.
Budget Subcommittee Update
  • Lois gave a report and four recommendations from the Budget Subcommittee. The following recommendations were presented and all in attendance were in favor:
    1. Adopt the new formula with the factor for cost of journals removed.
    2. Adopt the recommendation that half of the allocation must be spent by December 15th or the library will reclaim any amount above 50% for other purchases. It was suggested that some “formal” notification be sent to departments prior to December 15th indicating if they have unspent funds and the amount.
    3. Adopt the recommendation that small programs have one shared fund vs. individual.
    4. Meet with the Dean and the two chairs of the Education departments to discuss using the current formula without modification.
Other Business:

KC asked how RFID tagging was going. Arne reported that we are within 20,000 tags of finishing the 2nd floor; a preliminary scan of the 1st floor indicates approx. 6,000 have already been tagged. The Provost supplied funds this year to buy another 30,000 tags. In addition, we returned a piece of $4,000 per year rental equipment that printed tags and are now doing using a workstation designed in-house. We have completely stopped shelf reading and perform scans only. It will take approx. 2-3 years to complete the job at the current rate.

Arne reported that there had been a recent resurgence in book theft. The custodians were finding tags, etc. mostly in the restrooms but also in other areas. DPS provided information from other libraries experiencing the same problem. Bethesda called to say some of our books had shown up on their shelves. We can now officially report about 50 missing books. DPS has a couple suspects that are being watched and have discussed the possibility of bringing in cameras. SWON has been notified so now all libraries up to Columbus are on alert.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned.

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457